We aim to partner clients who share our enthusiasm. By building strong relationships and a high level of trust we are able to achieve a greater level of creativity. It's said that 'the proof is in the pudding' so here's what our clients think:

"We only work with great agencies. They know the importance of listening to their clients before attempting to tell their stories. Dale Evans is a great LISTENER. He takes a simple brief and executes it with intelligent simplicity."

Suzanne Wong - Corporate Brand Director, Dairy Farm (Hong Kong).

"It's been a real pleasure working with Love Mondays. They are always prompt with their designs and very innovative. They just get what RedMart is all about and capture the essence of the brief. They push the boundaries and make our designs fun but with the serious message we want to convey. We always look forward to receiving their concepts and it always puts a smile on our faces."

Nupur Agrawal - Private Label Development Manager, RedMart Limited (Singapore).

These are some of the clients that our team have worked with in the past:

"Love Mondays has been a real pleasure to work with on our journey to creating our new brand. They have shown a high level of creativity and strategic thinking. We didn't know much about the creative process before we started BUT they kept things simple and made it a fun process throughout. We would definitely recommend Love Mondays to any prospective client!"

Patricia Mendoza - Director, Tierra Alta. (London)

"I've worked with Dale for some time, and it's thanks to him that our brand discovery journey has taken a twist for the better. His creativity has produced miraculous results that beautifully display the personality of our new brand. Dale has always been attentive and really understands what I want for my brand. The final outcome is a design system that my team and I feel very proud of."

Cheryl Gan - Director, Mount Sapola (Singapore).