Fresh Thinking!

Neat is the brainchild of Matt Parfitt and Jo Wallis in the UK, who set out on a personal drive to achieve a clean, nutritious and gluten free diet. It’s something they have put into practice and noticed significant improvements on their own health and wellbeing. They wanted to take this one step further and share their passion by creating ready prepared gluten free meals, that empower people to eat well without gluten, chemicals or impact on the environment.

The target consumer is anyone looking for great tasting gluten free meals, that are nutritionally balanced. People who are time poor and enjoy the convenience of ready prepared food, with the added choice of fresh ingredients to compliment each meal. The brand also has appeal to the environmentally conscious with a commitment to minimal waste packaging and eco friendly materials.

Our solution included a brand identity, packaging and brand world. The identity has an approachable feel with a sense of wit, with the counter of the ‘A’ changing according to each touchpoint. A secondary typeface is a nod towards paper cut letters, and together with the uncoated craft paper and hand drawn illustrations creates an eco-friendly and approachable personality for the brand. The products will be sold exclusively online via the website and app in the coming months.