Dairy Farm in Hong Kong currently have a new objective to create new private label (category specific) brands that are more relevant to consumer need states. They want these brands to look more appealing and less like private label, in order to compete with national brands. They aim to offer better value for money and in turn drive sales.

Start the day on a positive note with Sun Harvest's wholesome range of Swiss Style Muesli from Dairy Farm. Packed full of whole grain oats and wheat flakes.

We were tasked to look at their healthy range of muesli which included 3 delicious flavours. The design had to represent their core idea of wholesome start to the day.

Our solution is a nod towards the great outdoors of the Swiss Alps. Delicious food shots and vibrant colour palette sets a positive tone for the brand. The product descriptor uses the idea of the mountains in the letter ‘M’ - adding a sense of vitality.