That's the Spirit!

Tierra Alta wanted to launch a limited edition blend of Singani - a clear spirit made from white Muscat of Alexandra grapes. Their products have won numerous gold medals across the globe including USA and France. The Mendoza family alone include 5 generations of master distillers and are world renowned for the quality of their grapes - grown and nurtured from vines established in the region fro over 500 years!

We created Wari which is the Quichua name for the Vicuna (Lama), a native animal of Bolivia. The Incas believed the Vicuna to be the reincarnation of a beautiful maiden, who received a coat of pure gold once she consented to the advances of an old king.

The brand sits at at the heart of our beautifully crafted illustration. A perfect amalgamation of both the Vicuna and grape vines. The gold/copper colour adds a premium feel and the tall bottle structure lends itself well to the elegant neck of the Vicuna.